A.O.I Equipment for Plovdiv

William Hughes Bulgaria has installed Automated Optical Inspection (A.O.I.) equipment at its Plovdiv plant in order to eliminate any possibility of defects on injection moulded parts.

The system chosen was the Cognex Insight 2000 visual inspection sensor which uses powerful algorithms for the analysis of images covering pattern, edge, pixel count, brightness, contrast, measurement and counting tools. Installation was carried out by a specialist team of engineers from Akhnaton and involved six injection moulding machines and one standalone inspection station.

Whilst defects are rare, those that occur are usually small and difficult to see, especially considering the volume of parts involved, so the use of A.O.I. to automate visual inspection greatly assists quality and throughput. The Cognex optics and Akhnaton’s intelligent and compact system offers an effective inline solution for the inspection of manufactured parts, providing our Bulgarian factory with a peak level of quality and productivity.