Large loop for easy attachment

Prototype work and volume production

Our PCB test points and terminals feature a large loop for easy probe attachment or to facilitate the clipping on of other components. They are ideal for components which need frequent replacement and are also suitable for raising hot components above the surface of the PCB.

A glass bead in a choice of eight colours for identification purposes ensures a snug fit on the board. White, yellow, black, brown, blue, pink, red and green are available ex-stock with other colours to meet special requirements. The unique shape of the test point will not damage through-plated holes during assembly yet prevents any movement prior to soldering.

How to purchase test points

For UK sales, contact us direct but for overseas sales you might find it easier to buy from one of our distributors below:

E-MARK (USA East Coast)  Tel +1 203 922 1182  Fax +1 203-922-8231

MOUSER (USA Texas + West Coast)  Tel +1 817 804 3800  Fax +1 817 804 3803

TOKIWA (Japan)  Tel +81 (0)3 766 6701  Fax +81 (0)3 766 1300