Bespoke springs

It’s a spring thing

Whatever the season, William Hughes can tailor-make a spring that is perfect for each and every application.

Whether you’re working on satellites or submarines, toys or telephones, we’ll be able to design and manufacture all the springs and wire parts your product requires.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers specialises in development and prototype activity while our comprehensive production facilities enable us to meet all standard specifications in a minimum of time, satisfying orders for millions of units a month as necessary.

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Spring types and manufacturing capabilities:

Please click on the titles below to read about our spring types and manufacturing capabilities.


  • 0.1 – 8.0MM diameters
  • Open and closed ended
  • Ground or unground
  • Conical, parallel or barrel
  • Constant or variable pitch



  • 0.1 – 7.0mm diameters
  • Open or closed wound
  • Zero to high pre-tension
  • Conical, parallel or barrel
  • Loop ends include: English centre, German, half extended, necked and swivel



  • 0.1 – 7.5mm diameters
  • Open or closed wound
  • Conical or parallel
  • Double torsion
  • Automated production for bulk supply of multiple bends.


Secondary processes and finishing

Secondary processes and finishing

  • Painting
  • Plastic coating
  • Threading
  • Pointing
  • Nibbing
  • Electrophoretic Paint Line – Click here for video
  • Delta®-Tone Finishing
  • Delta®-Seal
  • Steel and Glass Shot Peening
  • Injection Overmoulding