Critical components cleaned to the most demanding quality standards, approvals and specifications

William Hughes, the specialist manufacturer of springs and bent wire components for the global automotive and aerospace industries, now offers an expanded range of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning techniques for critical components to the highest international and governmental approval standards. These include military and electronics specification components for applications that include LOX, Oxygen critical parts and hydraulic hoses.

Following a significant investment in a new 80m² Class 7 clean room which is constructed in accordance with IS0 14644-1, the specialist cleaning services are ideal for critical components where contamination could result in a chemical reaction, an explosion and/or a total system or device failure.

The clean room is furnished with high grade stainless steel fittings to help minimise particulate levels. The open plan layout provides product optimum flow based on the latest lean manufacturing methodologies. An inspection dark room enables critical components such as high precision machined components, springs and other parts that go into oxygen equipment such as breathing apparatus face masks and ducting, to be inspected under ultra-violet light. Cleaned items are placed into hermetically sealed bags that will not be opened again until required for further processing, such as assembly.

William Hughes offers a broad range of cleaning services to ensure compatibility with the part being processed to prevent damage. These processes include solvent cleaning - used mainly for metallic items, aqueous cleaning for non-metallics such as rubbers or plastics or when combined with metal in for example, a flexible coupling hose. Parts and components can also be degreased using a variety of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic methods.

Where components are required to be passivated, a state-of-the-art automated passivation plant performs ‘fluid transfer’ - moving chemical solutions from holding tanks into the main processing unit as required, thus helping to prevent damage as parts do not move. The entire process is automatic and PLC controlled.

Inspection techniques include visual, ultraviolet, microscope, endoscope and probe light. William Hughes can also assist in the design and manufacture of specialised packaging for commercial or industrial manufactured products. Quality systems to AS 9100, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/TS 16949:2002 also include military, defence and aerospace specifications.

William Hughes is a specialist provider of sub contract specialised cleaning, finishing and passivation services, catering for the aerospace, defence, nuclear, oil and gas, medical and electronics industries where precision cleaning for parts and assemblies is an essential part of the production process.