Going Green in Bulgaria

Hot on the heels of the highly successful solar power initiative at our head office in Dorset, we have commenced a very similar process at our Bulgarian factory in Plovdiv.

1400m² of solar panels providing 98kw of solar power have been installed on the roof of one of our smaller units in Plovdiv, contributing around 18% of the electricity consumption for that unit. Our target is to produce on average 15% of that unit’s annual power usage, a capital investment intended to come good over 24 months.

This is something of a first step towards a much bigger long-term goal. Over the next 3 months, with the help of EU funding, we will commence our main green energy enterprise. We plan to produce 1MW of solar power with solar panels covering 15,000m² of roof and land. It is intended that in the very near future we will be capable of generating at least 60% of our electricity needs in-house.