Green Machines

Never mind "It's Raining Men", it's raining machinery here at William Hughes!

And all in line with the firm's green principles of refurbishing old rather than buying new whenever possible.

Midlands company Sertec decided earlier this year to close its springs and wire forms division which provided a perfect opportunity for us to put this process into practice by acquiring a significant number of their redundant machines.  Our welding capacity has grown from eight weld cells to 12 with four additional bending machines taking our total to 10. 5 new coiling machines are on their way too along with an EDM wire eroder. We've also been able to move some additional plant to our factory in Bulgaria.

In order to accommodate this influx of kit, we've had to completely re-organise our Stalbridge production area (see photograph) – things never stay the same here very long and we've even recommissioned one of our outlying barns to provide temporary storage.