Hearing the call

Our well established ISO 14644-1 Class 7 clean room and oxygen component cleaning facility has really been put to task during this time of dire national emergency due to COVID-19.

One of our existing customers, Swagelok Bristol, has responded to the government’s call for businesses to support the supply of ventilators by developing a new model, involving ourselves in the provision of oxygen cleaning for several of the new and existing parts.

Last week we were on hand to offer instant cleaning of the oxygen part assemblies, Swagelok’s managing director waiting patiently so he could return to base with the cleaned parts in order that they could be fitted to prototypes for assessment,

Yesterday we started cleaning parts for the first stage of full production. Swagelok have organised special transport to bring and collect supplies to speed up the process of manufacture, and we are proud to be involved with the procedure, typically turning around cleaned parts within 24 hours.

We are expecting to expand clean room staffing levels from existing resources where safe to do so as demand is ramped up over the next 2-3 weeks.