Ultrasonic cleaning

Cleaning, finishing and passivation services

William Hughes is a provider of top end cleaning, finishing and passivation services for the aerospace, defence, nuclear, oil and gas, medical and electronics industries where precision cleaning for parts and assemblies is an essential part of the production process.

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AC Services – Part of the William Hughes Group

AC Services

AC Services (South West) Ltd is a recent addition to the William Hughes Group and is a company with over 30 years’s experience in ultrasonic cleaning, kitting, degreasing and hose cleaning services. The business has established an industry-wide reputation for excellence in the cleaning of parts and assemblies for use in many critical applications.

Among the processes offered is solvent cleaning and aqueous cleaning.

For more details on AC Services, go to www.acservicesltd.co.uk

New ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

New ISO Class 7 Cleanroom

William Hughes has enhanced its existing clean room facilities to accommodate the high specification required by AC Services. The new 80m² cleanroom is constructed to clean 7 standards in accordance with ISO 14644-1 which is the equivalent to a class 10,000 clean room using the Fed Stan 209E.

The cleanroom ensures that hydraulic, LOX (liquid oxygen), oxygen and other critical components can be cleaned to the most demanding quality standards, approvals and specifications.



Our cleanroom facilities at Stalbridge incorporate a state-of-the-art automated passivation plant offering novel functionality in that there is no manual dunking of component baskets from station-to-station, as with traditional systems. Instead, the plant performs a ‘fluid transfer’, moving chemical solutions from holding tanks into the main processing unit as required. The entire process is automatic and PLC controlled. Typical treatments are nitric acid/sodium dichromate, and rinse cycles. These are followed by a final rinse in deionised water before a drying cycle.

Other innovative plant functionality includes an ultrasonic passivation facility and a rotary option where parts can be rotated through the solution, thus filling air gaps in more complex and tubular-type components, for example.

There are three service levels: standard five-day; express three-day; and super express 24 hours [subject to any testing requirements]. The working envelope size available is 520 x 300 x 200 mm.