Silver “Continuous Improvement” Award from Rolls Royce

William Hughes is delighted to announce that it has achieved a Silver "Continuous Improvement" Award from Rolls Royce.

Having worked with Rolls Royce for a number of years, William Hughes took the decision to participate in their Supplier Awards initiative. This scheme is designed to improve the customer-supplier relationship with a focus on helping suppliers improve capabilities and achieve their potential. William Hughes shortly achieved Bronze status in 2021 by providing class leading performance in quality and delivery.

Obtaining the Silver Award has required a more dedicated approach involving the creation of a continuous improvement team and increased interaction with the customer. William Hughes however was more than equal to the task and from the decision to work towards Silver to having the award in hand has taken less than 5 months.

Rolls Royce have been helping to empower and support us on our continuous improvement journey, using their tried and tested procedures in this area as a blueprint for success. Covering such topics as Production Planning, Quality, Waste Reduction and Facility Design, it has helped us to drill down to key areas of concern. This allowed us to eliminate productivity inefficiencies and engender a positive culture among our workforce.

William Hughes is optimistic that the policy of continuous improvement can be monitored and rolled out through other departments within the organisation. A new team has been created and plans launched to support this vision.

Our picture shows Gayle Robinson, Buyer and Mark Laurie, Supplier Development from Rolls Royce together with Richard Haime, William Hughes’ Sales Executive (centre).