10th March 2020 – 25th March 2020

400-kW Solar PV Array Installation Opportunity Second Call to tender

A factory near Stalbridge requires a 400-kW solar PV array. This is a second call to tender with regard to this project that was originally made by Stalbridge Finance Ltd/ William Hughes Ltd. Dorset Solar Ltd is a Special Purpose vehicle set up to own and run the proposed Photovoltaic array and quotes should be addressed to Dorset Solar Ltd.

This second call for tender is necessitated because circumstances that came to light during the previous procurement exercise have altered significantly the requirements for the project. This second call to tender is to ensure all competitors have an equal chance to adapt their submissions to these new requirements. The call is also open to new applicants.


William Hughes Ltd, the occupant of the building and likely customer for the energy generated, is a high electrical consumer. Dorset Solar Ltd would like to invite tenders to deliver a solar PV system to take advantage of the large roof area. Systems of around 400 kWp will be considered.

In addition there is a requirement for safe access to the roof for ongoing maintenance with the minimum of costs and work time needed to put such access in place. Re-scaffolding the roof at each requirement for access is not acceptable. Costings for a solution to this requirement this should be included in tenders.

It has also been decided that the maximum number of panels that will be considered is 1,200 based on the outcome of a roof structural survey.

Tender Timelines:

The tender timelines are set to ensure Dorset Solar can submit a grant application in April.

  • 10th March 2020 Tender Out
  • 25th March 2020 Tenders back (No tenders considered if submitted after this date)

Installation Timeline:

Main Contractor decision / funding end of April 2020
Installation: 2nd Quarter 2020


The selection of the successful contractor will be based on an objective assessment of the received quotes with 35% weight given to price, 40% to quality and experience and 25% to delivery.


If you would like to tender for the installation, then please contact Max Hughes by email at max.hughes@wmhughes.co.uk. Further details will be provided on request. All applications will be assessed purely on the basis of quotes submitted within the time frame of this second call to tender. Please do not refer to material previously submitted.

If you are having any difficulty, please contact Erik Blakeley on erik.blakeley@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Full guidance on the Low Carbon Dorset procurement process can be found in our online Procurement Guide.