Test Point Beads Provide a Fast and Flexible Way to Insulate and Support Components on Printed Circuit Boards

William Hughes’ test point beads are ideal for the design and development engineer working on prototype or small quantity printed circuit board production. The hollow beads provide a quick and flexible means to insulate and support components such as potentiometers or semi-conductors, on a printed circuit board.

Test point beads are ideal for isolating resistors or the exposed legs of individual components. They can also be used as mounts for components that may need scheduled replacement, or for elevating heat-generating elements above the PCB surface.

There is a choice of two sizes and eight standard colours which can be used to colour code components as they are installed on the board. There is no measuring or cutting required as the beads can simply be used in multiples and built up to the required length. Test point beads can be shipped in large or small quantities, bagged as required.

Test point beads are ideal for use alongside William Hughes test points which are used to providing a quick and reliable connection to test points on a printed circuit board. Featuring a large loop for easy probe attachment and bowed legs for quick insertion into the board without damage to a through plated hole, the phosphor bronze spring strip is bright acid tin-plated. A special glass bead gives a high resistance to thermal shock.