The highest standards of dimensional accuracy

Latest 3D measurement scanner helps William Hughes provide the highest standards of dimensional accuracy for its wire forms.

William Hughes, the specialist manufacturer of springs and bent wire components for the global automotive and aerospace industries, announces that it has added the latest high performance 3D scanner from Creaform to its already comprehensive range of test and measurement equipment. The new machine enables William Hughes quality engineers to check large components up to 2.5 metres with speed and great accuracy, helping to reduce turnaround times and improve product quality.

"Our customers are demanding that the wire forms we manufacture meet very accurate dimensional tolerances," said David Brigg, Quality Manager at William Hughes. "Whilst our previous co-ordinate measuring equipment was very accurate, it was relatively slow. What we needed was a measuring device that was fast, accurate and ideally, easily transportable."

The management team at William Hughes spent several months evaluating the latest technologies to find a machine that would meet their requirements. However, whilst there were many that would meet the need to measure components up to 2.5 metres in size, many machines were expensive and, even with articulated arm technology, not very user friendly and left the company wondering what else was out there.

"We spotted the Creaform HandySCAN 3D 700 at a trade show and were immediately impressed with its speed, accuracy and portability," continued David. "A demonstration confirmed that the scanner was ideally suited to our needs and this has now been proven in use."

A major advantage of the 3D scanner is that it can be packed into two laptop-sized bags and taken to customers' premises, or used at the William Hughes European factory in Bulgaria. The unit is very easy to set up and use after specialist training.

As well as ensuring that products being supplied to customers are dimensionally accurate, the 3D scanner can be used to 'reverse engineer' components, in situations where engineering drawings are unavailable or have been lost. The scanner can also be used to check manufacturing tooling, thus speeding up development times.

William Hughes' customers are already seeing the benefits of the 3D scanner in terms of faster response times and greater dimensional accuracy. This recent investment in the latest technology continues William Hughes' programme of continued growth which includes the recent opening of a new 87,000 square foot factory at its UK base in Stalbridge, Dorset. The new facility which represents a £3M investment is providing much needed additional space for its manufacturing operations.