The Next Level

We are delighted to announce that the installation and testing of our new EFACS (Enhanced Factory Administration Control System) from Exel Computer Systems is now complete.

Whilst we pride ourselves on our current performance, the EFACS E/8 is going to make us faster, slicker, more competitive and more efficient in every area of operation. Adaptable to meet our exact requirements, the EFACS will provide our customers with better product tracking for springs, wire forms and assemblies, speedier quotations, improved scheduling and enhanced customer relationship management (CRM).

Every department benefits: accounts, sales, order processing, purchasing, manufacturing, quality control, packaging, warehousing and shipping.

It has taken over 2 years of meticulous planning to implement this new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business solution, gradually phasing out the unique self-designed software which has stood us in such good stead hitherto and replacing it with this highly customisable, component-based software package built using the latest internet technology.