Ultrasonic cleaning comes to Southern Manufacturing & Electronics

William Hughes of Stalbridge, Dorset is exhibiting on Stand No P38 at this year’s Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Show at Farnborough in March. Best known for the manufacture of bespoke springs and wire forms, William Hughes acquired ultrasonic cleaning specialist AC Services (South West) Ltd of Yeovil in 2015 and has built an 80m² Class 7 clean room in order to incorporate the full range of cleaning services offered by AC Services. This includes ultrasonic cleaning, passivation, degreasing, hose cleaning and kitting.

The new clean room incorporates an inspection dark room so that parts can be inspected under ultra-violet light, while particulate analysis and counting with the aid of microscopy, for the verification of the cleaning, are used for oxygen and other related cleaning applications. The cleaning process capability offers NVR results of less than 1mg per square foot. Typical parts cleaned comprise high precision machined components, springs and other items that go into oxygen equipment such as breathing apparatus, face masks and ducting. These parts, some of which are also used in liquid oxygen (LOX) systems, are cleaned using approved cleaning solvents and solutions to international and customer specific specification.

William Hughes offers sub contract specialised cleaning to the Aerospace, Marine, Nuclear, Space and Medical industries together with a number of other sectors.

The solvent and aqueous cleaning systems within the new facility at William Hughes can accommodate precision parts and assemblies up to 300 by 200 mm in size. Along with metallic parts, materials such as rubbers or plastics (or a combination of these with metal) can also be cleaned.