William Hughes shares spring making secrets on YouTube

William Hughes' "A Better Spring Video" is now available to view on YouTube - Click here to view.

Ever wondered how springs are made? William Hughes Ltd, one of the UK's foremost spring makers, has produced a video demonstrating the manufacturing processes involved in producing the hundreds of thousands of bespoke springs delivered to customers each week.


The considerations that go into the manufacture of even the simplest spring are legion but when you're producing high quality springs to order for such industries as aerospace, automotive, medical and food processing, it's easy to understand why so much care and attention is vested in a seemingly simple component.

To see the video, just go to YouTube and enter "William Hughes A Better Spring". The video follows the evolution of a small compression spring from concept and design through coil winding and high temperature stress relief. Each spring is then ground flat at both ends before being subjected to shot peening in order to achieve the ten million cycles required for its working life. Next comes an inorganic finishing treatment called Delta Tone where colour is added to the spring for identification purposes. Finally, the springs are subjected to scragging - a pre-stressing process that compresses the spring to near solid and then load tests each and every one to ensure that they meet the tight tolerances required.

To gain a better understanding of the intricacies of spring making, check out the video and enjoy every stage of the process in action.

William Hughes has been involved in the manufacture of compression, tension and torsion springs for over 200 years and with manufacturing facilities in both Dorset and Bulgaria is well placed to meet the demands of high end spring users throughout Europe.