William Hughes vacuum formed trays help protect valuable parts during storage and transportation

William Hughes, a leading manufacturer of precision, high specification springs, has expanded its range of specialist products for the aerospace and hydraulic industries with the introduction of a range of standard size and bespoke vacuum formed trays.

The trays are designed to protect high value, precision manufactured parts against physical damage or contamination from foreign bodies during transportation and storage and are particularly useful with products supplied to William Hughes for ultrasonic cleaning. The stackable trays also help customers maintain accurate inventory control as part of a lean manufacturing programme.

The standard range is available in clear (0.5mm thick), white or black (2mm thick) high impact polystyrene up to 56 x 81cm in size with a clear top available if required. Recyclable materials are used wherever possible and there is a choice of pocket sizes and configurations to suit a wide range of applications.

For unusual or complex shaped components, bespoke trays can be manufactured to customer’s specifications and these can be supplied in small batch quantities. Alternatively, William Hughes can design suitable trays using examples of the components to be stored. Where there is the need to protect special finishes or threaded components, caps and diaphragms can be supplied to ensure components are in pristine condition when they are required for use.
Vacuum formed trays are part of an extensive range of precision components available from William Hughes for the aerospace and hydraulic industries. For example, springs manufactured by William Hughes are being used in vital items of aerospace equipment including oxygen systems, access hatches and the solenoid valves used to control the hydraulic and cabin pressure systems. The company offers its customers a rapid design and prototyping service which is particularly suited to the aerospace industry where small quantities are often required for prototypes. Quality systems to ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949:2002 and AS9100 - the quality management system standard for aerospace companies, ensure consistency and accuracy of supply.

William Hughes can supply specialist springs, bent wire forms and sub-assemblies for a wide range of industries and applications.

A selection of vacuum formed trays, caps and diaphragms from William Hughes.